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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cusco's Japanese scene

Visiting Peru, we definitely wanted to try as much Peruvian food as possible. But we also thought it would be fun to see what Peru's international cuisine was like. Each country we have visited seems to have its own take on foriegn food. Chinese food is the US is different from the Chinese food in Germany - and both are different from the food in China. You get the idea.

Our first night in Cusco, we went to Kin Taro, a Japanese restaurant not far from the Plaza de Armas. Suffering from altitude sickness, I was in no condition to eat much - so I just stuck with tea. But others in my party tried sashimi, which is probably the last thing I would have wanted to eat in a mountain city hundreds of miles from the ocean. But I learned that the fish served in that particular dish, Sashimi de Trucha y Palta Con Arroz, actually came from Lake Titicaca. The taste and the look of the food were nothing like we had ever seen in Japan, but we were impressed to see extremely Japanese-looking bowls, teacups, and chopsticks. And I was entertained by the Japanese style and food magazines that other travelers had left there. If I couldn't be in Japan, Kin Taro was not a bad place to be instead!

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