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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome to the team

Spring training is underway for the Chicago Cubs and buzz surrounds the team trying to end a century long championship drought. In the spotlight early is Japanese import Kosuke Fukudome, the hard-hitting rightfielder from the Chunichi Dragons. Since games have not started yet, the Chicago media has been reporting the human-interest stories on the team - and Fukudome's arrival in America is one of the most interesting

To ensure Fukudome would receive a warm welcome, the Cubs issued a Japanese 101 cheat sheet to the media and team members, with basic phrases like おはようございます (good morning) and ようこそ (welcome). It was funny to see some of them try out these phrases - and a nice gesture so that he wouldn't feel the pressure of trying to understand English all the time on top of trying to get ready for a big season with a new team. Can't wait to see how it goes!

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